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Education question?

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I want to learn more about hearding.


I will start with books.


What are the two books that you consider the best for beginners? I have looked on Little Hat and feel a few may be good, but I did not want to get a ton of resources that were completely herding specific as I will not be seriously stock working the dog at any level.


Here is my list of ones that on title seem appropriate:


The Working Border Collie

Marjorie Quarton and Carole Presberg


Lessons from a Stockdog

Bruce Fogt


Selecting and Training a Stockdog

L. R. Alexander

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Don't overlook Vergil Holland's book, "Herding Dogs". A very detailed reference book on how to train a dog for livestock work and it discusses other breeds, as well. Fogt's and Holland's books I would consider the best in the US but there are several worth reading from UK authors. Also, Rural Route Videos produces an excellent video called, "Starting your border collie on cattle, sheep, or ducks" geared toward the beginner. I thoroughly enjoy all the videos that Rural Route offers. Also pick up the "Working Border Collie" magazine the Bruce and Linda Fogt publish. It has wonderful training articles for a very reasonalbe price. I reread these articles again and again as my training progresses.


Good luck to you,


Wendy V

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I ADORE WBC mag. I'm still a Westerner at heart, I think, and I love reading about the wide open spaces and big ranches. It's all very down-to-earth.


When you come, I can loan you a bunch of old back issues Nancy gave me and you can see what you think. Ditto ABC mag.


In addition to the Vergil Holland book, I think either H. Glen Jones' book A Way of Life is a good overview of the Border collie lifestyle, or I've heard the Derek Scrimigeour book is pretty cool with lots of neat pictures and graphics. Don't laugh, ya'll, that's important to a newbie.

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I have a dog that I got as a rescue. I did the research and knew what I was getting into well before I took her. My last dog that I had from age 10 to age 22 (had to have her put down in college) was a collie. I love the herders and working dogs. It has been 8 years without a dog. I finally gave in.


I run a lot, and wanted a dead loyal companion that could go and do, but would also like the going and doing. I think I have all of that. Honestly, I thought I was adopting a border mix, but apparently she is a decent lined ABC.


I work on a lot of commands and do keep the dog well worked and physically active. There is nothing like knowing you wore the dog out. That's a happy dog.


Recently she has developed more of a pray drive and is starting to try and round things aside from the other dogs up.


My reasoning for the interest in herding is two fold:


1) If I know more about herding training, I can better work with her and possible teach her how to go about what she wants to do better. The more I know the better I am.


2) if it works for her... I have no problem finding the time to let her herd. Like I said... I got a companion, but know she has a heart and desires too.

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