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It's that time of year again - Christmas wish lists!


I'm looking at pressure washers. I have dreams of being able to sweep doggy foot prints from my porch in the wisk of an eye and power out kennel grunge with the sweep of a wand. Not to mention cleaning our trucks at home rather than giving any more money to those self-service places.


Would one of those girlie upright electric models be sufficient for this sort of stuff? I don't need to clean horse trailers, sides of houses, spray fruit trees, etc.


Something like this: http://tinyurl.com/bfcdj


They come with more or less power and of course there's gas powered vs electric (hot water is out, can't afford it). Would love to hear some comments from the gadget-minded here. :rolleyes:

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I don't know about that model in particular, but I have a small one (1750 psi, I think). It does fine for the kinds of things you mention. The important specifications are the pressure (psi) and the amount of water it puts out at that pressure (gpm). Remember that they have enough pressure to damage the wood on your deck. It not only takes off the footprints, but can basically "sand" it down to bear wood. They can also rip loose trim off a vehicle. Of course you can avoid these things by being careful.


A low gpm model like that will not make a great car washer, in my experience. It's kind of like trying to paint a house with spray cans.

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