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A big thank you to everyone that came this weekend...Robin, Colin, Mark, Renee, Julie, Randy, Alice, Ray, Christine and Carolyn! I cant believe we got it all done, but wow we did! What a fun 4th weekend! I just woke up from my nap, I hope you guys dont feel as bad as I do, cause you will never come back if you do!


Colin, I sent your charger with Robin...thanks for brining all your nice "clean" tools. Anyway, I am back to my nap...I just wanted to say thank you...hehehe I will make it up to you guys at the trial when you have to run my "lovely" ewes and lambs..yuck! Maybe I will save the white one with the black dot on her shoulder...hmmm maybe for Robin... Yeah, thats where the hole goes!

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Hey Jenny,

Toby sends his love to the missus. He wants her to know that he's always hungry too--and that he didn't get even one of those burgers!

Sammy Jo, I am sooo pleased that you are bringing my property up to scratch. Spare no expense girl. Put me down for whatever nasty job you like at the trial, I owe you.

I forget, are we running across the pond or down one side?

Did I tell you Nap has a 20 yard outrun and is out of the round pen? Maybe we could have a baby novice class for the young 'uns if there's time, we have lots of little ones don't we?


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Now Renee has seen Fred too....remember, measure twice cut once...I am working on the invitation list for you box speech...so far in attendance are Scott, Tommy, every one that helped this weekend and ANYONE that will give you a hard time about it!


I will put you down to help me in the pens if you are willing..I am going to hold all day except for Open which it looks like I am judging... (I am so sure ppl are thrilled!) Bring your inner tube, it is way fun swimming in the pond!

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No, it was 3 1st place finishes in Ranch...and dont worry Joan, you can do your cheerleading from atop Andrea's box!


Oh yes, there are snakes in the pond, but they are wayyy more scared of us than we are of them..after all, me, bathing suit..you get the picture!

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Hmm, there were tons of fish in that pond the first time i went fishing over there. Then Sam tells me she went swimming, and the next time i go fishing there's nowhere near the same catch. Hmm, coincidence? Perhapssssssss not......

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