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Steve C. in Hospital

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In case anyone is wondering, Steve's been quiet lately because he's been in the hospital since Friday with complications relating to the latest chemo round. He's at Iredell Memorial - he will probably be there for most of this week.


Here's the address.


Iredell Memorial Hospital

557 Brookdale Drive

Statesville, NC 28677-1828


He's in Room 430. I said it back to him three times to be sure I had it right! Thank goodness I don't have to give anyone directions. :D He can't see visitors as they are maintaining a sterile environment. If you'd like to give him a call, just contact me privately - I have the direct line to his room. He can't talk much because of a severe throat inflammation but, you know, that's a relative concept! :rolleyes: I'm sure he'd appreciate SHORT phone calls - especially to talk dogs.

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Sorry, b-day festivities, didn't see this.


They were talking about letting him out last week, but probably not before the weekend (and his b-day Sunday, by the way). The problem is not really resolved since it was apparently a side effect of the chemo. It's tough - he's very tired of chemo and he's still got five more treatments, this round.

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Talked to Steve, still in the hospital. He seems to have an infection they can't put a dent in, but his fever at least has broken and stayed down for a couple days. However, now he has fluid in one lung, so he won't be leaving anytime soon.


He's much more up to conversation, and cards and letters are of course welcome. He thanks everybody for their kind thoughts and prayers.

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Just to let everone know I'm home and doing ok kind of weak but that will come with time. They sent me home with a handfull of prespriptions and told me to stay inside for a few day (right). They told me to stay away from my dogs and sheep for a couple of weeks to insure I don't pick up some more of the bacteria.


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