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I'm home alone today, and bored (REALLY bored.) so...I thought it would be amusing for us all to share some of the funniest incidents dogs have brought into our lives...



Mine happened back when I was about 14 or so. I had a lab, my very first dog, named Chloe...she was pretty big for a lab, weighing in at 75lbs. I went out to feed her every morning before leaving for school. One morning I went outside, filled her food bowl, called for her, and got no response...


We lived in a pretty nice neighborhood back then, and some rich, one-armed surgeon was moving in next door as soon as his house was finished being built. Back then we also didn't have a fenced yard, but we used the electric fence systemto keep Chloe in...but it didn't always work, because more often than not, Chloe met me at the bus stop after school. (Good girl!)


So, when Chloe didn't show for her breakfast, I was a bit worried. She always came for breakfast, she couldn't possibly be off exploring now, of all times. I started walking around the house, thinking she could have gotten 'stuck' on the other side of the electric fence. As I neared the house being built next door, I heard a whine.


Now, the house was pretty much built, it mostly needed some landscaping, and for all the scaffolding to come down. I was instantly concerned that Chloe had become trapped under a ladder or something...so I rushed over, calling for her, listening closely....and I heard it again. A faint whine. I heard a scratching noise from above, and looked up...


And there, silhouetted against the early dawn sky, was my 75lb labrador retriever on the ROOF of a 2-story mansion of a house.


It took a moment to sink in...but I dropped the food bowl and ran for my house. I got inside just as my mom was preparing to leave. Now, my mom wasn't in the best of moods, as she was going through training to work as an officer at the local jail, and this was the day she had to be pepper-sprayed in the face.


I looked at my mom, steeling myself, and said, "Uh, Mom, you're not going to believe me, but..."




"Chloe is on the roof of the house next door."




"Chloe...she's on the roof of the house next door."


".....you're sh*tting me."


But, nope. I sure wasn't. Sure enough, mom got a look, and had to call into work that day with the best excuse ever.


A note from the now-wise, do NOT call the fire dept should your 75lb laborador retriever get stuck on the roof of the 2-story mansion of a house next door...because they'll ask you if it ate your homework, too.


At the end of the day, Animal control showed up, escorted by two news crews who just had to see what was 'up.' We still have NO clue how she got up there...the animal control officer claimed that since the basement door was ajar, she could have chased a squirrel inside the house, up the stairs, jumped out the window 2ft onto wobbly scaffolding, then made another 4ft leap to the roof. But for those of you who know the grace of labs...well, you see the errors here.


And my Chloe never once even thought about chasing squirrels.


I still maintain she was abducted by aliens.

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When i had Pearl for about 3 months I woke up late one hot June sunday morning and the sliding door was open and pearl was not in the house or yard. So half dressed and half awake i take off on foot looking for Pearl, after a half hour of looking for Pearl in all the places she had gone before i didn't find her and went home and got my housemate to search with me. We got in her car and searched the neighborhood high and low and no Pearl. My housemate suggested going home and try calling animal control to see if they had picked Pearl up. my housemate pulls her car in the driveway right behind my car and when we got out of her car Pearl pops her head up from the front seat of my car and seems to say here i am. she had jumped in the open window and probably had been there the whole time.

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Muffin was the result of a cairin terrier Peeapoo encounter who was given to mom when were were preteens. We taught her to straddle a bike crawl across the floor. Chase invisible rabbits.


Who knows what else but, we didnt teach her to fly I swear.lol


We had an old warehouse on our horse farm property There were steps to the second floor but the window was missing at the top. She ran up the steps jumped on the sill and jumped out I swear she turnend to look at us before she dropped. Her eyes were huge.


Imagine an 11 and 12 year old girl running outside hysterical. The bushes broke her fall and she came bounding out like we were idiots.

The kicker was she ran up the steps to do the same thing again.


I hope she is waiting for me someday.

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lol fun thread, here one of mine:


when Shadow was 4 years old and Happy was a few months old we took them up to La Ronge for summer vaca. well my freind and I were going paddle boated and fisrt we took Happy for a ride in the boat, she was a good girl. then we tried to take Shadow... Shadow looked from the dock to the baot trying to estimate how far she needed to jump..she overestimated lol she took a leap riht OVER the boat and hit the water on the other side lol one of the other vactionaers happend to be comming down for a swim, he had to use her legs to pull Shadow out of the water

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Just last week, we asked a friend to pick up Cody, our four month old Border Collie puppy, at the vet's kennel where he had been for three days while we were on vacation. Boy, was he happy to see Melanie! Anyway, she took him inside her house and left him alone with her chihauwa (sp?) Lilly while she went outside to tend the horses (BAD idea!). The two discovered some blue acrylic paints in Melanie's home office and promptly spilled it, walked in it, then went into the living room and walked all over the WHITE leather sofa. Melanie came in to find two blue-footed dogs and many puppy and little dog footprints on the sofa! Melanie was NOT happy. But she did go ahead and give the puppy and dog a bath. All by herself. Amazing woman!


Then, later that day, before we came from the airport to get Cody, he and Lilly found a fun muddy area on the farm and Cody promptly became a solid brown BC! Soooooo... Melanie gave him ANOTHER bath.


That evening, we came by her house to get Cody, and Melanie had stepped out but left the door open for us to come and get Cody. We noticed that he was kind of dirty looking, but attributed it to his three days at the vet's kennel. So as soon as we got him home, while DH unloaded the luggage, my daughter and I gave Cody a bath. We had no idea he had already had 2 that day until we called Melanie later to thank her for picking him up.


Needless to say, she has NOT offered to pick up Cody again.


And Cody was the cleanest puppy in NC that night!

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The dog part of this isn't so funny, but the result was.


I used to be a High School teacher. One day I was grading papers at home and had to leave the room for just a minute. When I came back, I found that Speedy, still a puppy at the time, had shredded one of my student's papers beyond recognition!


I had to go into school the next day and tell one of my students that MY dog ate HER homework!!

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Originally posted by SincereArtisan:

we used the electric fence systemto keep Chloe in...but it didn't always work, because more often than not, Chloe met me at the bus stop after school. (Good girl!)

Or not a good girl as the case may be


We had a funny incident last night. Fynne, our BC/German shepherd mix, jumped over the bed and was playing around with DW. My wife then threw the bed sheet on top of her. Being so hyperactive, Fynne ended being wrapped up inside the bed sheet completely. She then rolled over and fell on Boydon who was lying on the floor on the other side of the bed. She continued to bark excitedly and finally managed to get her nose out of the bed sheet. I wish we had a camera handy for that.

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I was cleaning chicken at the sink when Polly was a small puppy. How do they know when your hands are full? They always know. My cabinet door was open that had my roll of paper towels hanging on it. She ran in, grabbed the end of the towels and ran the whole length of our kitchen/family room with it. She was prancing along like a manic performance artist with these towels sailing behind her in a white stream. She whirled, she twirled. It was truly spectacular!

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Lucy got her revenge yesterday. She refuses to be

potty trained and she's 9 mo old. I decided it was time for drastic measures. I found potty in the hall, so I took her by the collar into the hall, dog in one hand and small rroll of newspaper in the other. as I leaned over to make her smell the potty, she gave a forceful tug and I fell flat on my nose. Today I HAVE A SKINNED NOSE,TWO BLACK EYES AND MULTIPLE BRUISES not to mention that I had a headache and neckache from the fall.

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