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Kat is home, thank God.


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Hi everyone,

My flyers (despite the initial mess with me putting the wrong phone number on) paid off. About an hour after I had spoken with a gentleman who lives about half a mile down the road and at the edge of the big field we thought would have been where Kat ended up when she came out of the woods, I got a call from him that he had Kat in sight (thank goodness I had stopped in the house for a short break before heading out again and was there to get the call) but he couldn't catch her. I raced down there in the van and pulled up just as she had crossed the road and was getting ready to duck behind the house on that side. I called her and she stopped and came back to me. So we do have a happy ending. I am truly thankful to all of you who offered help, advice, prayers. Thanks to you and a kind neighbor, Kat is safely home.



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