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I noticed that too. I'm not seeing a lot of trials posted that are usually up by now. It figures, I finally have a chance to get back into it and there are no trials. If I couldn't travel there would be a trial every weekend like there was last year.


Wow, Ruabh looks great in that picture (yes, I'm just obnoxiously showing off the fact that I know how to spell that name :rolleyes: ). Tony is immersed in Tax Land and may not have seen this . . .

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Originally posted by juliepoudrier:

Nice photo, Christine. I love the way the trees frame the dog.



P.S. Is it just me, or do trials seem few and far between in our area this spring? Maybe it's just my perception 'cuz I don't have anything to run at Verna's.

Thanks Julie. When I was panning to follow the dog, I thought "crap, the trees are in the way", but just kept clicking and I am surprised that it came out like it did.


I bet it seems there are fewer trials because you don't have those one a monther's at Verna's. Then, Nancy Schreeder is not having her big trial in March this year. Next one I know of around here is the McCaig/Ray trial in April.

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