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Sydney vs. Bingo marker

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The marker lost!


I came home to find Syd with pink paws and tongue.




She didn't like me taking pictures of her mouth.



She is usually very well behaved, lately she has been abit of a handful. *pooping on my leather couch, stealing food off g'moms plate, & nonstop barking.* I think she is jealous of Hope.




Guess it is time to begin doggie sKooL! :rolleyes:

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Hahahaha, very familiar with the marker syndrom. Ouzo was, at diferent times, shades of yellow, blue, etc


I realy don't know why no one thought about this: Syd was trying to paint some shoes on, you know, she's all day long in her white socks, and no shoes to protect them! You know how we, girls, love our shoes! :rolleyes:

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