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Hello everyone.... I'm new here and am despreatly looking for support, so here's my story........


I got Milton from an animal shelter three months ago and he is everything I could ever have deserved in a border collie. Of course he has no papers + he's neutered so I wont be looking much further than wanting a wonderful, productive, happy companion. We have a farmette with a cow, pony, horse, turkeys and chickens (the chickens are Milton's personel favorite). We are evantually going to move to an area were we would have more land so we can enlarge our livestock (including good ole sheep for Milt). Anyway, Milton has settled beautifully into our pack (aka family)and has conqured the basics: Housetraning, sit, lie down, stay, come, sit pretty, roll over and shake but he is just not as happy as he could be. With the research I've done on Border Collies I've assumed that he's conqurered everything and is just plain bored... I really want to teach him more but simply don't know how. For instance, he does an excellant job of herding our chickens to the barn but he gets to involved in it and, after they've gone were I want them to, he continues to herd them all over the place. I want to teach him a command that prohibits herding in the barn; but just don't know how to put it in a way that he will best understand. I would really like to start teaching him the basics of herding with the chickens so he can be ready for the sheep when they arrive and would love ANY and EVERY suggestion you masters can throw at me! I want to begin engaging him in more intensive traning so I can have a happy, obediant dog who above all things is very responsive to me So far he has definatly singled me out as his master and follows me everywhere! Well being loyal is an excellant trait that I wanted it turns into extrme seperation anxiety and he doesn't do well (or listen well) when at the hand of other people. It'd be great if I could find a way to make him obey others as well as he does me well still staying loyal to me.....

Thank you all sooooo very much,


p.s he is about one year old although he could be a little younger.

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Hi Melissa, welcome to the boards. You can be proud of your BC. He learnd very much in a short time.


Don`t mind that your pet has no papers. My male Border Collie has no papers as well and he used to do very good jobs in herding.


In my eyes it is the best in your situation to find a herding instructor.


No pictures?

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