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Who's coming to sheepy hollow?

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Tony, you are evil. How about, "Did you see that?" NOT.


I love scribing but pen work is my fav.


Followed by a boy and girl saying mom,mom, mom
I was known for years as the one who made her hubby take care of the two babies. One time at Seclusival first thing in the morning, I was standing and chatting with a group of handlers waiting for the meeting. Patrick came up, with the plate of bacon and eggs he had cooked, quietly handed it to me, reported on the kids, and walked off. Florence Wilson watched him walk off and turned to me with huge eyes, "How did you train him to do THAT?"


Now Patrick has two "trial dogs" and I have none. He is now having his revenge, lol. Although I think I have the best deal, I just plug the guys (5 and 7 years) into the laptop, give them a cooler of crackers, cheese, fruit, drinks, and they are happy for hours. :rolleyes:

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