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A forehead slap moment

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I have sought counsel from a certified applied behaviorist to help me help Boo through his adjustment issues.


In the course of discussing behavior issues, I asked her about what the heck was going on with Kit's dangerous habit of lunging at cars when we are on a walk. When she does this, she is so tuned out to me that not even a sirloin steak held in front of her nose will distract her. I explained the scenario only happens when the occasional lone car passes by, but that I can walk her downtown where there are four lanes of steady traffic which she completely ignores. To which she explained, Of course, because in her mind, this one got away from the rest of the flock. Just give me a dope slap. :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I guess it does make sense. I don't know a lot about herding but I would think they would think that. God Bless

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It's kind of more, I think, that Border collies like the status quo, and in their natural state will react to something outside that. The balance to reactivity is impulse control - it's built in to a well-bred dog, but it has to be encouraged. Hence, you'll have to teach her to think before reacting. Most people do this by teaching something good to do to replace the inappropriate behavior.

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