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They played!!

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I had both Tex and Loki out in the backyard and suddenly they began play bowing and grabbing each other legs and acting like fools.

It's nice to see Tex finally soften up and enjoy his new friend.

Mostly Loki runs and Tex bows and he doesn't always do it in the right direction. Poor Loki gets this "Hey, are you talking to me? I'm over here!" confused expression on his face.

Now they are played out and laying together in the shade.

I've waited 10 days for this to happen.

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Jo, that's so great! Doesn't it just make your heart swell watching them?


I crack up laughing when I watch Kit and Boo at play. They're so entertaining. The other day Kit got herself underneath Boo. They were both standing and when Kit spun around several times Boo looked like he was riding a tilt-a-whirl. I was practically in tears I laughed so hard. I hope you'll post some pics soon.

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That is so great! What will be amazing is how each dog will learn the others limitations and help each other out! My son had two damnations and the male was deaf. The female would nudge him when my son called to them and would let him know when they were to go somewhere. It was really pretty amazing to see how she helped him out!

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That is so great!!! We have some new neighbors two doors down who have a year old BC, and Hoku now has a new playmate. It is just a blast to watch them have so much fun. So glad to hear your two are revving up, they are gonna be so good for each other.

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That is wonderful! Wait until Tex figurs our Loki can "lead" him to places he may miss on his own :rolleyes:

My elderly neighbor had a GSD, and a cat named Pinky. The dog was also elderly and blind, Pinky took him every where.He just kept bumping his side and the dog followed him all over the property.

It's great they are finaly having some fun, they both deserve it, and so do you.

Adnrea D.

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They played again! and again! and now they are both played out and sleeping.

Tex is even initiating the play. He seems very smiley and less clingy today.

Tex was quite a grumble bunny for the first few days. Then there were those "I forgot I hate you for a few moments" interactions and now this.

We did a 2+ hour hike last night and they were leaning on each other by the time we got home.


I will e-mail you soon, MtheB

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