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How to mess with a deaf dogs head.

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Loki knows alot of things and he communicates very well. His deafness is such a non issue for us. I think he can hear certain things. He will react to Tex barking right next to him and he knows it's thundering this morning because he runs to the window after each boom. I can clap my hands over him and turn the vacuum on right beside him and get nothing so it must have something to do with the sound frequency.

Loki knows that a closed fist is a positive signal and an open, stop hand means think about what you're doing.

I messed him up this morning by making a claw hand with my fingers. He skidded to a stop and went "Huh?' tilting his head from side to side.

I gave him a cookie and apologised. He's a very bright little dog.

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He does sound like a very bright little fellow.


I've never had a deaf dog but did have a deaf husband once. My dogs knew spoken commands when we got married, but they had no trouble at all learning to understand the same commands in American Sign Language. They were "bilingual" very quickly.

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