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new to the forum, quick question :)

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hi, first of all i would like to introduce myself to the forum.

my name is matt and im from surrey,

ive owned collies all my life im 26 now, always been in the family.

2 years ago i moved out from my parents and am now living with my fiance who has also owned collies all her life.

we now feel its time for us to get one of our own! we live in the heart of surrey were on the out skirts of a golf course, as you can imagine there is PLENTY of areas to give the dog a good run. having had BC's for a while we know them very well and think its the best breed for us to bring up.

my question though is, do you have any experiance of farm bred BC'c?

shes always had dogs bred from a farm ( she has family in north wales ) and we are considering getting one for us from a farm in north wales. yet my last one ( at my parents house) was from a KC registered breeder, and both are absolutly lovely dogs but each have weeknesses, for intance one isd VERY devoted to my dad( i know they are one man dogs) but she wont do anything unless my dad tells her to do it. and she is contantly pining after him.

and the other one yaps at every single noise. from brushing your teeth,answering the phone,talking... seems very nervous, im sure these are just the personality of the dog and can be sorted out with training.

heres a photo of them both.

esme and sain

at 2 years old



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Hello !

My dog comes from a farm , her mum and dad lived and worked there , not too much because things are changing fast in farms , but all I can say is she's perfect :rolleyes: , has the qualities I would in my ignorance attribute to farm dogs ; she's not spoiled , not obnoxious , she has a very sane perspective ...

When we're out in the fields she obeys to whoever is in charge , when at home there's no fuss about food or jumping on furniture or behaving like a nutcase when people come by , she's never tired but sleeps whenever nothing interesting's happening ...

I didn't chose her but knew that her parents are the same , she's just more socialised and smiling and loving , with a great sense of humour too , because she gets so much of it , whereas her parents are respected but not cherished like she is .

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I would (personally) choose a working bred Border Collie any day of the week over a KC reg'd BC. You don't mention whether or not these dogs work, but if they do that's the route I would take.


Edit to add:


Welcome to the Boards! Here is a link to the welcome thread that may give you a more eloquent answer to your question:


Welcome Thread

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Welcome to the boards Doublet. Have you consider adopting a young adult BC from rescue? That way you have information from the foster home as to the dog's behavior and temparment. Also allows you to take the time to find the right dog for you both and gives a BC a great pet home with your experience!

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welcome aboard, I think a farm bred BC is the way to go myself. Although when you meet the right BC does it really matter where it was bred? As long as they are considerate breeders, breeding for working ability. Anyway hope you stick around, this is a wonderful lil online community

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well we spoke last night and we have agreed to get one at the end of the year, we are getting married in august and going on a 2 week honey moon and its not the best time to bring up a puppy when we arent there!

so will most probably get one when we come back

we also have a 5 year old cat who has lived with dogs before so i assuming the younger you get the dog the more comfortable they will feel together.

as long as the dog is not in anyway a Cross ( i like the pure look of a BC to much for it to be compremised) and is healthy ill be happy

ill be sticking around and reading as much as i can in the time being though ...


thanks for the welcome :rolleyes:

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