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Dental chews?

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I gave Cody a dental chew yesterday which he basically "ate" in about 10 minutes. All evening, he let out "big smelly ones" (LOL, worse than my DH's!) but didn't poop on his evening walk. This morning, three times pooped, very soft and a little runny. Could it be the dental chew? He seemed to really like it and it kept him busy which is always good.

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It's possible. What kind of a dental chew did you give him? (just a warning, stay away from the Greenies Dental Chews, they're BAD news.)A change is any type of food can cause those sorts of things in a dog. I wouldnt' worry too much if it was just soft and lil runny. He also may have eaten something that didnt agree with him in the yard or something. I'd just watch it, it'll probably go back to normal tomarrow.

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