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Truck/Dogs Stolen in Colorado

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I am glad that the owners got their dogs and truck back. Everything turned out well.


Here is a website that gives Tips For Auto Theft Prevention.


It is interesting that their #1 tip is "Never leave your car running unattended, even to dash into a business, store, etc. This entire problem would not have occurred if the owners had heeded that advice.


Another tip is "Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked. Put them in the trunk out of sight." The Denver Post article stated that woman left her purse on the car seat -- that was their second mistake.


This website says that a vehicle is stolen in the USA every 21 minutes, on average. That is 68 vehicle thefts per day. If a person is intent on NOT being a victim of car/truck theft, then it would pay to observe the tips. I will be doing some things differently as the result of reading this website.


My niece had her 2004 Chrysler minivan stolen from the parking lot of a supermarket where she worked. The only thing that would have prevented that theft would have been some anti-theft device(s). The vehicle was used by the criminals in a bank robbery. They finally got it back about 25 days after the original theft. The insurance company paid to have it refurbished, as the thieves had done a lot of damage to it. Not a good experience.

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Hmmm, gee I wonder how many times they kicked themselves afterwards? I figure they came from a small town where things like this wouldn't be a prob. and they just didn't think. But I am pretty sure I read they had locked the door. Course it made it easier for them (the thieves) with the truck already running. I'm glad they got their dogs and truck back and quickly. I pretty much think everyone who heard or read the story, went, well, I won't ever do that!

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I saw it on the news and I was so happy they found them. All of our prayers came true! I'm just really happy they were safe. The pups looked happy to be back with they're mom and dad :rolleyes:

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Yeah thanks for putting up the update. I was just thinking of them the other day.

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