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Deciding which dogs to train with?

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I have been training with Penny we are learning together and my trainers says we work well together. I have also started Maddie and Mick and we have talked about alternating weeks but, with winter coming I may not have that chance regularly. I'd really like to have Maddie ready for Nursery this spring. Should I stick with her for now and Hold Mick off till spring? My trainer says Mick is very promising but, needs an experienced handler he's sneaky.

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What I mean, is that each dog has their own learning, and confidence curve, and that many a dog has been rushed up into competition and isn't ready. My feeling is that this is a marathon, not a race, so take your time, make sure you dog is capable and confident in strange places, etc, and go from there.

It is exciting, but take your time


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