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Just in case you haven't yet had your fill, here are a bunch of photos taken at various trials (or at home in one case) of a number of different dogs working. Some dogs I can't identify (except by owner), but I'm sure some of you will recognize them. These are just random photos, some a couple of years old, that I had gathered together for some unknown reason. Since they were all in one spot, I thought I'd share them. I apologize that the quality of these photos isn't as good as those Denise and Mark have been posting, but then my camera isn't quite in the same league as theirs. I also apologize to those of you with dial-up connections because I'm sure downloading all these photos will take a while. Anyway, it's a good way to see the diversity in looks of working dogs.


And so here we go....


Roger Payne?s Ace:







Carol Calhoun's Bill at Long Shot Farm:



Kestrel Lannon and Bill at Breezy Hill:



Boy and I working the flock:




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Julie and Jill at the Edgeworth Winter SDT (photos taken by Christine Koval of Pastor?s Hill Photography):





Myra Soden?s Hemp on his outrun at Breezy Hill:




Kay Sander and Quest penning at Edgeworth:





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Sherry Farster?s KC at the nursery finals in Tennessee:





Lyn at Breezy Hill:



I just thought this was a pretty view at Shirley Plantation:



Craig Rogers? Mirk (deceased):



Moving sheep at Sherry Smith?s Long Shot Farm SDT:


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Moving sheep at Edgeworth:



Outrun (I don?t know who the dog is):



Felicity Lien?s Oz at the nursery finals in Tennessee:





Tom Lacy?s Jill at Frontrunner SDT:



Sandy Hornung turning the post at the VBCA winter (2003) trial at the Hoffman farm:


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Just in case you haven't yet had your fill, here are a bunch of photos taken at various trials (or at home in one case) of a number of different dogs working.
Never! I love looking at all of them. Really awesome dog's. The landscape, etc, is soooo different here...no open fields whatsoever, except muskeg...


Thanks for posting them and also glad I have a cable modem so was no problem viewing them. :rolleyes:

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You had a shot of Shirley Plantation...that is where we picked Keegan up. His mom is Pittman's Imported Nell and his dad is Lacey's Luke.


It was so beautiful there. The day we picked him up in July, they were working with a half a dozen dogs or so.


So, you have a picture of Keegan's birth place!!!!

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Here is Keegan. I think he has a needle nose and definitely hound dog ears...they only perk up when he is really interested in what we are saying.


He has worked sheep very little. I have taken him to Rebecca Shouse's once and then to a herding clinic this past May.


I would love to get him into more, there are a few problems. I work a very busy schedule from January until mid-April...only have Sundays free. The other problem was lack of money. I really want to continue lessons as soon as I find more time and money...which probably won't be until after April. I'm always worried that he will be too old; however, I'm not looking for him to be "great" at it. I just want him to have exposure to sheep and learn something new and learn more discipline because I think sheepdogs have more discipline than any other dog out there.

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Hey, guys, my Celt is a Pittman's Imported Nell son also! His sire is Lacy's Brand and he was also born at Shirley Plantation.


He looks a lot like Keegan, though, pointy nose and floppy ears. I call them his puppy ears. I spent many months waiting for them to "rise up" and prick or tip or something grown-up looking. Now I love them.


My Lacy's Luke pup, Skye, had beautiful pricked ears. He never had the chance to grow into them as he was killed at six months of age.


Celt works cattle on our farm along with our adopted Megan, a little bitch from TN. We have about thirty cows, a bull, and the resulting calves.


He's also been started on sheep in lessons - we go with friends to Susan Rhoades, in northern VA. We four have an assortment of Border Collies and Aussies in the lessons, two breeder-purchased and four rescue/adopted dogs.


If I can ever manage the technology, I will post a picture. You can see him near the bottom of the puppy page on Lacy's webpage, on cattle in his first training clinic at one year and one day of age!

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Thanks for the tip on Tom's Jill. I've changed it on the label. My poor old mind doesn't remember stuff from yesterday, much less two years ago!


Now I really need to drag myself away from this computer and pack my bag and head to Edgeworth. Running nearly last gives me plenty of time to get moving this morning.....



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Andrea - He's young (won't be two until early November), keen, and biddable. He is fairly stylish, head down, tail down, just beginning to crouch and sometimes slink a bit. A nice, honest pup with more enthusiasm than training much of the time, but coming along nicely, I think.


He is developing a wider outrun as he gains experience and confidence; he's willing to get in the cows' faces (he may turn away and "regroup" himself when they press him, but he comes back and makes them back down); he has a real desire to be in control of his stock; and he's learning that sheep don't need nearly so much pressure to move as cattle.


Do I like him? I love him absolutely as a companion and he is turning into a real useful stock dog. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I had some pictures developed today that were taken at the VA State Fair SDT (I was pleased but our Nov/Nov score was abysmal on only our second time out) and out in our pasture moving cattle. If I can figure out how to get them on here reasonably, you can see him "in action".


I'm a real novice - I was at Sam Furman's last week and saw some absolutely keen and instinctual pups on sheep for just their first or second time (Robin French's Spottie/Link?). Now those were some real keen pups!


Celt has lots of instinct and is a fairly soft dog, wants to please, and has a place with us for life, for sure!

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Andrea: I have had my photos put on CDs for a few months now. I set up a Photoshop account. However, with my slow dial-up account, it takes a LONG time to upload my reduced and cropped photos. Maybe I should just email some to you with an attachment!


I'll keep working on this.



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