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Info for Cornell hip consult

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Bill Fosher wrote in an old thread:


Could you point us to more specific instructions on how to submit films to Cornell? I'd like to send them to my vet, who has a littermate to my Nap.


Sorry it has taken me so long Fosher, I had the information on my almost dead laptop that I'm not using anymore. Anyway...


Cornell Radiology Section does provide a consultation service to referring veterinarians and is aware that the ABCA is recommending them specifically for consults.


Radiographs can be sent to the Radiology Section (address below) for evaluation; the fee is $35/case. They prefer to receive radiographs from veterinarians and provide the interpretation to them although they have, on occasion, received radiographs directly from owners. In such cases, they always send a copy of the report to the veterinary practice so both parties will be in the loop. The policy is to send the bill to the referring veterinarian so please be sure their full name and address is listed.


They would like to have information on the dog's DOB, gender, registration number, relevant medical/working history and problems, owner's name and address/e-mail/fax. Reports are sent back by fax or e-mail - preferably to the veterinarian who made the radiographs. Expect a turn around time of 24-48 hours after receipt of the study.


The address is:

Section of Veterinary Imaging, Box 36

Cornell University Hospital for Animals

College of Veterinary Medicine

Ithaca, NY 14853

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I apologize for making you repeat information Denise, but did you say how old the dog needed to be for a "grade" for ABCA's purposes? And how much information do they include beyond the pass/fail in the report to the vet?


Again, I'm sorry to make you go back over this but I couldn't find the previous thread in a search.

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Sorry Becca, I should have included it.


I wrote:


He [Ned Dykes at Cornell] only has two ratings, within normal limits (WNL) and HD affected. He also provides a description in the report of all the details in the measurements and evaluations that led to the rating. The Health and Genetics Committee has set things up so he can provide this service to border collie owners on more of a breed specific basis rather than the random consult from individuals. He has evaluated the hips of a large number of working border collies. The ABCA just recently approved the Cornell WNL rating as sufficient to receive the @ sign on registration papers beside the dog's name, indicating the dog has been found free of hip dysplasia. This was set up to give people a well established alternative to OFA for hip approvals. The UK's BVA ratings under the score of 18 are also now approved for this symbol.


The dog needs to be at least 24 months old to receive the @ on their papers for OFA and Cornell. The BVA issues ratings at 12 months or older but we can't do anything about that so they are still accepted.


C. Denise Wall, PhD

ABCA Health and Genetics Committee Member

ABCA Director

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Thanks so much. I should have printed the info when it appeared the first time!


It sounds inexpensive and simple enough to use as a prelim for peace of mind (yes, I'm a worry wart). My vet will allow me to help hold for a no-sedation film to be taken, not that I'm THAT much of a worry wart - her idea.


Thanks again - I've got everything printed off now. This is very cool. I may actually try both.

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