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traveling to England, wants to see Working Border Collies

Jeanne Bell

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This is the time to see real working border collies. Head to North Yorkshire - The Dales. They are bringing the sheep into town to have their lambs, and they are taking the old-enough ones back out onto the moors.


I can heartily recommend Blackburn Farm in Gayle. It's a great little B&B and a working sheep and dairy farm. With working dogs. And a trout pond that can supply breakfast. They're around the corner from the Wenslydale Cheese Factory in Hawes, which is where their milk goes.


But on any hike in Wenslydale or Swaledale, you'll see shepherds and dogs moving sheep. And, if you drive, often right across the road in front of you. Or up the High Street while you have dinner in The Crown in Askrigg.


Can you tell I'm jealous? Lambs, daffocils, coal smoke, best bitter, pork & cider pie....

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For Derek Scrimgeour, try these sites:






Contact info:


Address: Derek Scrimgeour

Lonscale Farm




CA12 4TB

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)17687 79603

Email: ad.scrimgeour@talk21.com

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