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Eileen Stein

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There is a picture of Mirk (towards the bottom), a Beardie owned by Jackie Goulder in England. He had eye and worked with power and presence. The 1904 picture by Radclyffe Dugmore in Alfred Ollivant’s Bob, Son of Battle was an old type Bearded Collie as well. Not as much coat as the modern Beardies:



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Probably the first beardie (or possibly Welsh Grey) trialed in the United States was owned by Gouverneur Morris Carnochan. Carnochan was a well-heeled New Yorker who had show dogs, most notably fox and Welsh terriers. He was owner and publisher of “Field and Fancy.” In addition to the usual gamut of Gilded Age interests, Carnochan bred Dorest sheep and Kerry cattle. He was one of the first to try breeding ewes to get two lamb crops a year.


His dogs ran in 1905 at a demo on his farm held as part of a county fair. One of them, Laddie, was described a double of Owd Bob. I tend to think he was a beardie from the working description; however, I haven’t read one of a genuine Welsh Grey that I can recall offhand. Laddie kept the sheep “trotting before him back across the ground, around the track, through the bridges and hurdles, keeping up the same barking and buck jumping antics.” “New City Fair a Hummer.” Sun, August 24, 1905.


The other dog, Jack, seems to have been a red border collie type because the newspaper said he was the image of Red Wull. Carnochan (or more likely his head shepherd did but you never know) trialed Jack at least two other times, maybe three, once going all the way to Toronto to see his dog run. Insofar as I know, neither dog was registered in a kennel club; I looked for U.S. mentions because Carnochan was an AKC bigwig. The good thing about dogs owned by people like G. M. Carnochan and J. P. Morgan was that their dogs didn’t make a move without being noticed and written about.


A few years ago, I corresponded pleasantly with the Carnochan family. The one person, Bliss Carnochan, who might have had records, does not. G. M. was his grandfather. The eldest son of G.M. inherited the farm and turned it into a place to raise lab animals: rats, mice, and guinea pigs. He died without issue, so the direct line of farm ownership has vanished.


If you wanted to track these dogs down, you would have to read ag journals carefully to find the farm manager’s name or the head shepherd’s, then get lucky and find descendants with records.


For more details on early sheepdog trials in North America and on finding descendants of early trialists, get the program for the 2010 National Finals.



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Christine, you should submit her pictures to the Border Collie Museum (link is to the coat type page)- I think they're looking for a bearded picture :-)


She is really adorable!!



I dit it! :D


The day before yesterday i sent some photos of Lone -

and today she´s in.


The Border Collie Museum




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Hey neighbor, :rolleyes:


Yes. I know a lots of Hybecks. They are all very talented.


Jim is a really good studdog. He inherits a lot of important good things,his friendly nature and

a very good trainability, for example.


Indeed he has in his pedigree a bearded Border Collie.

In Lones Mother line, also third generation, there was Paul Turnbulls Blue. A "real" Bearded Collie.




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Hi Julie, :)


thank you - Lone is doing quite well -

its me who needs more education.


Next weekend we join a clinic of John Jones (Wales)

He comes to Germany for three days, and i hope

I will make the same steps forward as Lone did. ;)



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