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Yep, I was originally planning to just go for the open runs, but since I have novice friends running in nursery, I'm hoping to take the whole week off so I can watch the open handlers like you, as well as the newbies like Felicity and Nancy compete in nursery. So what if that means I won't have any vacation time come Christmas (when we are required to use a week of our leave)? I think it's going to be a great time, not to mention an awesome learning experience! Hmmmm....I guess I ought to talk to someone about volunteering while I'm there, huh?




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It cannot be as bad as,driving into NIH's faculty parking lot with much earlier version of PETA,proudly displayed on my back window. Have you seen the one with a Golden Retriever behind bars?

I thought I was dead meat....




I'll be there but not running just standing on the sideline and shouting at Sam...(go girl,go)

You can find me hanging out with Bobby F. (listening to dirty jokes du jour) or Sarah Boudreau (more likely gossiping) but I never repeat them,so you have to listen carefully.



Inci Willard




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Hope you all dont make it for the nursery...your chants of go girl go might be real ones Inci, if I choose to Run Toddy! As Scott Glenn so aptly named him, the "Silencer of the Lambs"....sigh.... Ah well, pinning my hopes for a respectable performance on Open this year and Todd, Floss and Maddie will have to wait for next year.... :D Glad you are both going, sure is nice to look up after you have almost wet yourself standing at that post and see a friendly face smiling at ya! :rolleyes:

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I would be thrilled to volunteer to help at the eye clinic. I have been meaning to find out if it's possible to have one of my (noncompeting) dogs eye tested while I'm there --perhaps you can answer that question as well?


Anyway, I have not made final plans for attending the finals, but I do hope to be there for the whole week, so I'll mark it on my calendar. Doing volunteer work allows me to justify all that time off work! Do you need a final answer right away or can I let you know for sure in about a couple of weeks (I just don't want to say I'll be there and have you turn other folks away and then be told I can't have the whole week off and leave you in a bind....) If you'd prefer to discuss this privately, I can be reached at poudrier@inteliport.com or Julie.Poudrier@msfc.nasa.gov



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Sally and Sam,


I'd like to put my name (and Tal's) in the hat for volunteer work, too. I can scribe, work the pens, be a go-fer, whatever...


I'm not sure how much time I can off from work, but plan on (at least) being there for the semi-fianls and finals.


If I can wicker more time during the week, Sally, you can put me to work, too.


Sam, do you have Robin's e-mail address or can you give her mine?



Iron Pheasant Farm

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