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Hey all you Sam and Robin fans:

The new CBCA Nursery Champion is . . . (drum roll please) . . . F-Red Dog and his humble but accomplished handler Sammy Jo.

And, to add spice to the mix, Robin French and Jet are in the double lift, to be run tomorrow.

Three cheers for the Virginia incursion.


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Yahoo for the Virginia and North Carolinia (for Robin) contingents!!! Enough wonderful Canadian handlers/dogs have won trials in the US so I hope they don't mind some Americans winning a few in Canada.


Best wishes to all!

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Yo Marianna,

Why weren't you here, huh? Got something against Canada? We've got some great trails, tough sheep, good beer . . .

No, I didn't write it down coz I wasn't at Grass Creek. What I heard through the grapevine: Craig won one day of qualifying and got in I assume, Cheryl was in with two dogs, Viki with Cash, Amanda with two, Robin and Jet, Mary Thompson and Hawk, Bob Stephens with one maybe, Bev I assume, Barbara Ray and Britt . . . and so to the end of what I know. All will be revealed soon on Sheepdog-L I assume, or the CBCA website.


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I was at the trial (with KrisK) and Sam had a beautiful run. She made it look effortless - which considering the pesky sheep they had, was a feat in itself!


I'll have to see if I have pictures...

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The results as I remember them are...and probably not exactly right but you will get the idea

Jeanie and Liz

Amanda and Bart

Bev and Bill

Jeanie and Jack??

Maybe Barb and Britt?

Bev and Pippa

Cheryl and Spot

Bob Stephens

Cant remember the 10th on down but Robin was 14th and did a great job on some tough sheep!!!


I had such a fun time and LOVE all my new canadian friends! CANADA ROCKS!



More later, I have a really funny story, but Steve is just home and welllll you know how that goes,

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Okay...I posted it...and then it was gone! so here is it again. Anyway, to all the board members that were there on Saturday & Sunday...YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!! It was my first trial...and you've managed to get me hooked!!


Here's the results that I have from my program

(in no particular order)


Barbara Ray - Britt - 106

Carol Guy - Piper 92

Nancy Obernier - Nick 103

Marilyn Terpstra - Queen - no score

Jeanne Weaver - Jack - 126

Jeanne Weaver - Liz - 145 (the first run of the day - and it was awesome!)

Kate Broadbent - Rose 112

Bob Stephens - Pat - 115

Cheryl Jagger Williams - Spot - 122

Mary Thompson - Hawk - 99

Bev Lambert - Bill - 135

Amanda Milliken - Bart - 141

Vicki Kidd- Cash - no score

Barbara Roy - Queen - no score

Robin French - Jet - 94

Steve Wetmore - Dart - 101

Cheryl Jagger Williams - Toby 96

Bev Lamber - Pippa - 123

Marilyn Terpstra - Scott - 82


The commentators said the sheep were from an island and had little human or dog contact so even someone like me...who knows nothing about sheep could see these were the most ornery things alive!!

It was a priviledge to watch the way the handlers and dogs worked together!

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Huh! And what about your OLD friends from Canada, eh?

Congratulations to Jeanne and LIz. Woo hoo!

Kris, our sheep are famous, particularly the Grass Creek ones. Our very own version of range ewes. They come from an island in the St. Lawrence infested with coyotes and don't see humans or dogs for most of the year, until they are put on a ferry and brought over for the trial.


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I miss those sheep already....it was great fun and i had a blast running my first DL finals ever, woo hoo! And i couldn't have been prouder of my Zac boy for ending up Ranch Champ at Murphy's and running so well in the Nursery Finals. If not for his bone headed handler, he'd have ended up 4th overall.


Speaking of congrats, how about Nancy O, kicking butt and taking names all darned week long! Also to Craig for a stunning run in the second go at Grass Creek.


Thanks to all the hosts and great Canada folks, we had a blast!

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I recognized Zac right away from pictures that Denise Wall has taken. He was awesome (so were you Robin! - it was those godawful sheep :rolleyes:

I think I have some video of you - but I'm not 100% sure. And I sure I have pictures of Sam (if she was running the red dog?) Since this was my very first trial...it was hard to videotape and watch at the same time!

Like I said....everyone was GREAT!! Now I have a goal in mind....since someone said one of the handlers was 80 - I'm hoping to be there by the time I'm 75 :D ....that gives me a lot of time, (I think)

Thanks again for showing me how much fun sheeptrials can be!

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Nancy O, well it was Orange....


Ok so now on to my funny story...My GOOD friend Nancy O plops her butt down beside me in the chair and we are talking about how fun the sheep are and I mention that I want another chance to pen, that I hadnt go it yet...welll my good friend Nancy all but stands up and SCREAMS "ALL WEEKEND???? YOU HAVENT GOT IT ALL WEEKEND????" Well, I kind of avert my eyes, sigh and admit that no, I havent got it all weekend...this followed by a lot of giggles from Nancy...Now play that exact same senerio out about three more times with different handlers all with the same result...more big sighs.... Now picture me humming along, driving home and coming to the border crossing...pulling in, slightly nervous hoping they dont deley my trip..Hellooooo Mr. border guy how are you today? "Hello Miss, been here for the sheepdog trials?" Why yes Sir I have! Wow, he says, I have watched that on PBS, it is absolutely fascinating!


Guiltily I look around, surely there are no fellow sheepdoggers around to see this shameless brag...and I reach beside me (of course it is on the seat beside me!) and I pull the Big Silver cup out (yes I am eating candy out of it on the way home!) And I say


"See what my little dog won, he did pretty good I am so proud of him!"


and he says........



"WOW! You must have gotten the sheep in the pen, just like they did on PBS"....

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Well, to add to the Sam stories, she needs to learn crossing the border protocol. She admitted to coming into Canada, and when asked if she was carrying alcohol, proceeded to pull out 2 GIGANTIC bottles of Tequila and say... "does this count?" Sam, Sam, Sam.... the proper answer is No sir, not a drop!

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Sam, could you check the pictures on the gallery to see if that's you and your dog? There were SO many dogs but not that many red ones.



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That was my boy, what a great shot you got of him!

I love your quote in your sig line btw, very very good!


Oh and if ANYONE comes on here saying Robin and I wimped out on the party at Grass Creek or if they say we were in bed by 9 oclock on Saturday night, it is an out and out lie! it was 8:45!

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I'm hoping that I have some good video which we'll be watching tonight. I know I can get 'stills' from the video so if there are more, I'll get DH to do his magic and I'll post those as well. Unfortunately, we don't have the machine (yet) that will convert VHS to DVD but as soon as I do, I'll be transfering the video to that format.

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pretty funny story! Did they want to tax you for the silver bowl as you crossed over? I actually like the one where I yell "What! You haven't won any friggin m****, all week!


Congratulations Sam and Fred!


Robin, I was very proud of my boys, especially Nick Nick! I couldn't believe he actually turned back for his second lot of sheep.


Nancy O

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