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Caledonia Stock Dog Challenge

Laura L

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John and I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make the trial so successful this year. Entries were up, the weather was great, and everyone had a fun time and we enjoyed meeting some new people.


Thank you to all of the handlers who came and ran their dogs, some of you came from quite a distance.


Thank you to Marvin McLeish for again letting us use the farm.


Thanks to Paul & Janet Henning for the loan of the handling system and doing whatever needs to be done. We could not put on a trial without all of your help. Mary Groh for all of the paperwork-entry taking, running orders-all of it. Alasdair MacRae for judging and Polly Matzinger for judging. Pearse Ward for being the course director, I think that on Saturday you were in two places at once.


And for all the people who helped with lunch, making coffee, scribing, spotting, helping at set out, helping set up the courses and take stuff down afterwards, Chuck Corbett & Mary Stoffel, Chris Ontiveros & my kids, Nick & Rissa, Tricia MacRae, Donna May, Marge Reinke, Jen Mark, Jean Bass, Lola Chaffin, Rose Anderson, Ronnie Bingham, Samantha Jones, Susane Hoffman, Marilyn Moyer, Synthia Joseph. Sorry if I've missed anyone.


We ran the 2 pro-novice and 3 nursery runs on the same field as open 1. Then open 2 ran on the cow pasture field down the driveway. And open 3 ran on the "725 field".


Open 1

1. Vergil Holland KY Nick 83

2. Kathy Knox MO Jake 80

3. Pearse Ward MN Riel 80

4. Polly Matzinger MD James 79

5. Kathy Knox MO Tweed 78

6. Kathy Farkos IL Zeke 75

7. Lola Chaffin WI Queen 68


Open 2

1. Rose Anderson MI Chi 76

2. Maralyn Fowler WI Taff 75

3. Jack Knox MO Drew 70

4. Chuck O'Reilly MN Pete 70

5. Vergil Holland KY Nick 69

6. Kathy Knox MO Jake 69


For open 3, these teams completed the 725 field at the Caledonia Stock Dog Challenge. Well done all of you.


Kathy Knox MO Tweed 80

Pearse Ward MN Riel 78

Kathy Knox MO Jake 68

Vergil Holland KY Jenna 63

John Wentz WI Sam 62

Maralyn Fowler WI Taff 60

Rose Anderson MI Shen 56

Chuck O'Reilly MN Jiggs 54

Jim Chaffin WI Moss 53

Chuck O'Reilly MN Pete 53

Polly Matzinger MD Lily 46


Nursery 1

1. Tricia MacRae AR Leif 80

2. Tricia MacRae AR Moss 70


Nursery 2

1. Vergil Holland KY Zach 81

2. Chuck O'Reilly MN Hemp 73


Nursery 3

1. Tricia MacRae AR Moss 85

2. Kathy Farkos IL Trip 81


ProNovice 1

1. Lola Chaffin WI Fly 78

2. Kathy Farkos IL Trip 69

3. Polly Simpson WI Yogi 68

4. Lola Chaffin WI Vic 66

5. Jack Knox MO Nap 56

6. Chuck O'Reilly MN Hemp 52


ProNovice 2 Judge Polly Matzinger

1. Tricia MacRae AR Moss 77

2. Tricia MacRae AR Leif 76

3. Kathy Farkos IL Trip 75

4. Lola Chaffin WI Vic 74.5

5. Chuck O'Reilly MN Hemp 65

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