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I dont understand why freakin people let their danged dogs out without a leash.


The stupid new neighbors moved in and their little lap dog, I dunno what kind, but some fuzzy lap dog, came running over while I was outside with Riven. Riven of course is on a retractable leash because I had finished training her, and she had pottied and we were playin. So, here comes this stupid dog over to Riven.


Riven is all happy to see another dog and they sniff hello, and the neighbor finally realizes her dog has ran across her yard into my yard, and is bugging me lol... so this woman proceeds to walk over "gracie, gracie" she's repeating and the dog has no clue she's bein talked to. So Riven immediately decides its time to play and starts romping around, not doing anything mean, just possibly playin more rough than she should with a little dog. Riven doesnt know this, and when i said no, she looked at me and sat and the woman picked up the dog. But the lady looked at me as if I was the most irresponsible person for letting Riven play with her. Well, her stupid dog was in my yard, and when Riven became rough, I said no and that was that. Cause my dog listened, unlike hers. :D


What should I have done? :confused: Ran inside with her and let the dang dog run my yard? Irresponsiblity drives me insane. Im payin $200 to get Riven trained to be responsible, and i think the least this woman could do would be leash her dog. ESPECIALLY when she has a freakin fenced in back yard.


Thank you for letting me rant. :rolleyes: Ignorance just drives me insane!! :mad:

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Go inside, call animal control and tell them that the neighbor dog is running loose and coming into your yard. Most cities have laws that don't allow for that and they have to make a visit out to the house.


It's anonymous - tho if you wait for the dog to go in someone else's lawn, the new neighbor won't know it was you specifically who called :rolleyes:


As far as Riven, it's good practice for her to listen with distractions

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Well, it sounds like Riven's training is working. All you can do is be responsible yourself. It drives me crazy, too, when people don't look after their dogs.


However, as far as neighbor relations go -- you might mention to your new neighbor (in a friendly way) that you LOVE dogs, but that Riven has no real experience with other dogs and until the two dogs are properly introduced, you are not sure how well they will interact. Indicate that you are willing to let them meet on YOUR terms. Kindness (even forced) and friendliness will go a lot further, than alienating a new neighbor right away.


Allie loves the rats-on-ropes for some reason (can you tell I'm not a big fan of little dogs -- no bias here :rolleyes: ) and she desperately wants to play with them. As a city dweller, we have a few in the neighborhood and we usually try to introduce them to new dogs (on leash). The little rodenty ones tend to be the most barky and aggressive.


We have one neighbor who often lets her two Shiperkes run loose and I have had to catch the little twerps to keep them from being flattened on the road more times than I can count. And what do they do?? They bite or pee on me! :D


Oh, well. I do think you have every right to request that she not allow her dog in your yard off leash unless invited. (Put very kindly and with a smile, of course.)


Good luck!

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You did good - and so did Riven! Way to go there!


You could (calmly - I know it is hard :rolleyes: ) talk to the owner of the puff-ball dog. After that. if it happens again - call animal control, let the owner know that you are not kidding around here. But for the time being - you did good.


Keep up the good work on the training though - sounds like it is going really well!

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Meh, I wouldn't call animal control myself unless it becomes a big problem. If she got her panties in a bunch, that's her problem. I find that with a lot of things in life (like, driving) people get mad when THEY'RE at fault. Not much you can do about that except roll your eyes. I might offhandedly mention to her about your dog just being trained and not sure about other dogs, etc, like the others mentioned.

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