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Bramble Hill Farm novice trial results

Bill Fosher

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Hello all,


The rain held off and Texel and North Country Cheviot cross ewes proved challenging for the Bramble Hill Farm Novice Trial on Oct. 10. I'd like to thank all those who volunteered and served as scribes, exhausters, set out and pen crew, gofers, score posters, mathemeticians, rulebook experts, and all the other jobs that are needed to make a trial go smoothly.


Special thanks go to George Northrup for juding, Emily Yazwinski for spending the day with us setting sheep when her farm was largely submerged by the Deerfield River, and Warren Mick for not only doing everything that needed to be done, but for anticipating that it would be needed.


Thanks also to all the handlers who attended and made this all possible.


Scores are as follows:



Please note that these scores are different from the ones posted at the trial field due to an error in calculation of drive points.


13 dogs went to the post


1. Anne Devine with Nell, 59

2. Carolyn West with Dash, 58

3. Carol Weigand with McDuff, 54

4. Valerie Pietraszewska with Leaf, 43

5. Joyce Wescott with Mibbs, 40




20 dogs went to the post


1. Joanne Murphy with Bess, 63

2. Anne Devine with Ben, 60

3. Jim Murphy with Trim, 60 (tie broken by outwork)

4. Mary Gessert with Jen, 56

5. Warren MIck with Tap, 55

6. Sally Lacy with Gainne, 52

7. Anne Devine with Taff, 50




14 dogs went to the post


1. Sally Lacy with Mot, 77

2. Jim Murphy with Megan, 69

3. Mary Gessert with Jet, 67

4. Emily Yazwinski with Nip, 62

5. Dave Gessert with Craig, 62 (tie broken by outwork)

6. Warren Mick with Rock, 60



Respectfully submitted,


Bill Fosher

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