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I had to travel and miss watching the last 3 days of the finals via the USBCHA website. It now seems that the Saturday-40 results are missing. (The Saturday-40 link is actually connected to the Sunday-17 results.) Are the Saturday-40 results there somewhere? If not, does anybody have a copy of them? Thanks.



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Here's what I have, but I don't know the order of the tie scores:


1. Scott Glen & Tala 197

2. Dodie Green & Abby 197

3. Bruce Fogt & Trim 185

4. Tom Wilson & Dot 178

5. Alasdair MacRae & Star 173

6. Suzy McAllister & Bet 168

7. Scott Glen & Pleat 164

8. Jo Woodbury & Taz 164

9. Tony Stewart & Bess 157

10. Herbert Holmes & Pal 157

11. Kathy Knox & Jake 155

12. Barbara Ray & Queen 152

13. Pat Shannahan & Joy 152

14. Wayne Tippett & Quiggs 142

15. Bruce Fogt & Dell 142

16. Haley Howard & Diona 140

17. Jeanne Weaver & Liz 139

18. Jack Knox & Gael 129

19. Don Helsley & Lil 129

20. JoAnn Zoerb & Gidge 127

21. Julie Matthews & Dodge 126

22. Jennifer Clark-Ewers & Zippo 123

23. Red Oliver & Ned 118

24. Tom Wilson & Pearl 115

25. Beverly Lambert & Bill 113

26. Jan Koch & Trae 110

27. Dennis Gellings & Jan 110

28. Ellen Skillings & Paige 107

29. Penny Tose & Taylor 104

30. Terry Folsom & Babs 104

31. JoAnn Zoerb & Zoe 102

32. Albion Urdank & Maeve 79

33. Amanda Milliken & Grace 58

Suzy McAllister & Brock RT

Sandra Eccker & Nan DQ

Alasdair MacRae & Bill DQ

Bud Boudreau & Sparky DQ

Bill Money & Rocket DQ

Ginger Zuppan & Gyp DQ

Dale Montgomery & Tex DQ


Heavy wind hurt the runs of T Wilson & Pearl, McAllister & Brock, Milliken & Grace, J Knox & Gael, and to a lesser extent Lambert & Bill.

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Thanks A & E. That's really interesting.


While you can't argue with the superior quality that was represented on Sunday, I was nevertheless rather curious to know how it came out the way it did since I don't think I would have predicted it quite that way.


Gosh there was a lot of talent in that little town.



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Ohhhhhhhhhhh My is Charlie Torreee a Chickennnn Little.... Got second best deal..someone that knew him so I got all the dirt. I had all those damn disposable cameras, had to resort to taking a picture of a buffalo or something equally boring..Oh well there is next year I suppose..Yawn..did you guys know it is 1800 miles to SD, man if I had checked the map PRIOR to entering the motor home I might never have left VA!

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Well you know, that damn leather recliner with the heated seats was a TAD warm on my tender tooshie. and the big screen tv was a bit loud but other than that I guess I didnt suffer toooo much...


I dont know if poor Charlie hates me or is just plain scared s@#tless of me...go figure... I know I dont stink after all those long showers in the palace shower..sigh, must be my people skills again. Maybe I should take lessons from you on how to make friends and influence people. You are after all so democratic and soft spoken...

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Are you home already or are you still slumming it in the rustic motor home?


Hey Charlie,


My curiousity is piqued. What would you have predicted?


Stalker shedding clinic group: Lets bet what we think that Charlie's predictions were. Charlie can write them down before we bet and send them to a trustworthy person so that we can't cheat.

(Like any of us would ever consider cheating)


Good luck Charlie in finding a trustworthy person that we all know that cannot be bought....cheaply!

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Hey, Sam, don't fly off to Montpelier on Friday until we've had our promised lessons! Give me a time and we'll be there with bells on!


I already have the directions to your place but no pictures of Charlie to use as bargaining chips.

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She wouldnt let me drive, do you believe it???!!!! My GOD that thing is big, we went thru one toll plaza and I SWEAR if we had an inch on either side of the mirrors we had a lot of room...phew, came home a different way than we went and the trip was much smoother. Angie just got home last night to Florida, so we officially made it without incident...I broke the SD curse!


Got you down sue, I sent you an email...

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Good morning Mark. I think we're the only ones up.


Andrea, I'm up and at work early so I can beat the traffic heading down towards DC. I'm typically at work by 5:30am: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Of course that means I leave early getting me home to work dogs well before dinner.



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Now I'm curious. What would you have predicted?

Oh, well, I am not surprised at the winner - though I wouldn't have predicted the 1-2 finish. It just seemed to me that there were certain dogs you'd naturally expect to be nearer the top (e.g., MacRae's Bill, Lambert's Pippa). Not to mention that young and accomplished handler with the ginger snap fetish. And I had seen certain dogs running pretty well on similar sheep in the few weeks before the finals (maybe that's not a good thing?) and so I expected them to be nearer the top as well. (Dogs like, Lambert's Bill, Matthew's Dodge, Gellings' Jan.) Of course "near the top" is a relative term. And there are so many things that can screw up a run. Anyway, it shows how much I know about The Dogs.



Ohhhhhhhhhhh My is Charlie Torreee a Chickennnn Little

Hey. Them are fightin' words.


It seems to me that by being unable to attend I dodged a lot of cut-rate paparazzi, thank you very much.



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ummm but at least I got to meet Glenn..he seems like a very nice guy and seems to know you quite well...


Off to swallow some more diet pills, still trying to kick the gingersnap habit..do you know how long it has been since I have had chocolate...robin, maybe that explains my bad mood lately eh?


Oh btw...I have now been officially adopted or deported as the case may be. Proud member of the REPUBLIC OF ALBERTA. I have met my west coast equal and have found new territory as yet unexplored by me. So refreshing to find that there is a whole new level I can take myself to! Imagine the plot that was afoot all these years to keep the two of us from meeting and ohhhhhhhh the trouble we could get into...Jenny, if you talke to Gina, tell her I had a blast and I hope to see her soon..till then I am practicing my kidney punches as she instructed.

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Get back on the chocolate and those kidney punches won't feel so bad when someone gives you one back.


Wow, where are the on-topic police today? I think i should be a reward for straying as far as possible from dogs. :rolleyes:


Oh wait, in 10 minutes my weekend starts, i have an excuse! Off to work dogs all day, then trial tomorrow, then work dogs again friday, then trial all weekend. What a life! There, back on topic....

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Originally posted by tucknjill:

Jenny, if you talke to Gina, tell her I had a blast and I hope to see her soon..till then I am practicing my kidney punches as she instructed.

Hey, Sam, if you practice kidney punches on me, remember to hit just to the right of my navel. (That would be *your* right). :rolleyes:


Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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