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Guest newguy

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Hi Thad,

Following is what Roger Culbreath posted to the Sheepdog list.




2002 National Western Stock Show


The Stock Dog Trials at the National Western Stock Show were held on

Saturday and Sunday, January 26th and 27th in Denver Colorado.


2002 was the 8th year for this competition with record entries for the

event. Competitors and former judges of this event all agreed that the last

three years has seen tremendous increase in the quality of dogs, handlers,

and handling ability. Competition was keen in all three events,

Intermediate Sheep, Open Cattle, and Open Sheep. Joni Swanke, Marmarth,

North Dakota judged to a very high standard.


Results as follows:


Intermediate Sheep - 39 Dogs


1) Pete Carmichael Hooker

2) Laura Hicks Zac

3) Dan Korf Moni

4) Nancy Penley Jessie

5) Pete Carmichael Nap


Open Cattle - 36 Dogs


1) Dee Lynn Garman Holly

2) Jim Mault Trapper

3) Dan Korf Hoss

4) Leland Paxton Doc

5) Laura Hicks Zac


Open Sheep - 50 Dogs


1) Michelle Martinez Megan

2) Gerald Bunney Luke

3) Brian Douthwaite Meg

4) Jim Swift Dan

5) Tim Miller Avi

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Guest Charles Torre

Wow. Laura and Zac are in the top 5 for both intermediate sheep and open cattle. Not too shabby.




Care to describe your experiences there? I, for one, would like to hear about it. And I grant you a special dispensation: you can brag on yourself as much as is necessary to get the job done.



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Thanks Charlie. I was actually worried about posting Roger's info here for fear you guys WOULD think I was bragging!! It's all the dog though, I swear. I have been blessed with a really great, young dog.


Roger does one heck of a job of pulling everything together and keeps everything running so smooth.


Denver is quite a thrilling experience. I've personally never been in front of that many people and it can be quite nerve wracking. Not to mention the amount of cheers and claps as the sheep go through the panels, etc. can be a bit overwhelming on the dogs. I noticed a few (mine for one) didn't hear the whistles gave right as the sheep or cattle crossed the plane of the panels.


I raised Zac from a pup (he is 2 now) and I swear the dog knows what I'm thinking before I can whistle it. So honestly our successes have nothing to do with handler ability.


Okay, I will brag just a bit. smile.gif My young bitch, Nell, was 9th in the intermediate sheep (I didn't run her in the cattle) so both dogs were in the top 10 there.


It was a blast to watch so many really great dogs and of course shoot the bull with so many good friends. Not to mention Denver really has one heck of a Stock Show all together.


Get a chance, you should go Charlie!


PS - Was that enough details, just enough bragging, etc.?

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Your post and humility were very refreshing. No matter how much you tried to downplay your handling skills, my guess, is that your skill as a handler is really formidable.



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