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Jack Knox Clinic, Sperryville, Va.

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Does anyone know what the driving distance or time would be between the Dulles Airport/Sterling Va. area to Sperryville, Va. for the coming up clinic.

My daughter lives in Sterling, and I may be able to stay with her for the couple of nights instead of a motel. Most of my family says it's about an hour... anyone else know for sure?

I am also gonna need directions once in Sperryville. I know how to get there, but not to the exact Clinic location.

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It will depend on time of day and what route you are taking. Getting out of the Dulles area will be murder Friday morning but the other two days will be much easier. We used to stay in Sterling in our wild and crazy days when we'd decide at the last minute to attend the clinic when cancellations occured. :rolleyes: On Friday it would take almost an hour to get to the farm where it used to be held - it was only twenty minutes the other two days!


I'm sure there are others who can tell you exact times to Sperryville. I think we are staying a bit closer - good for me as I move rather slowly in the mornings.

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