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Thank you, Barb! I was very pleased with Celt.


As for stepping up to the post at the Bluegrass, it was not as scary as I thought - I had already had at least a hundred perfect runs already - in my dreams! It was the waiting and thinking about all that could go wrong, etc., that was scary.


It was an undeserved gift to be there and, once I walked to the post, I thought about nothing but Celt and the sheep until it was done. Celt's my farm dog and a trial is just a chance to dream, to have a great day around working Border Collie people, and to watch some really good handlers run some really good dogs.


I did remember something I heard secondhand from another competitor, and I will rephrase it here. If I crash and burn, no one will notice; if a Big Hat crashes and burns, everyone will notice. So, nothing to worry about, right?

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