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Yep, I plan to sneak over there and mow the trial field..will send you a flyer...ha fun at the bluegrass, I am gonna be stuck home overseeing fenceing and helping robin move...Still better than chemo by a long shot, hope you feel better.

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I'm not going to make the Bluegrass this stuff is kicking my but. But when and if I get better I have some but kicking to do myself.

I'm going to try my best to go down to Dr. Ben"s It's only an hour away and I can rest between runs because I know you will come get me before my run and walk my dogs for me. HAHAHA

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Has the fencing guy committed to a date?

I'm stressed out trying to get everything ready to leave tomorrow, not that you want the hear this crap. Hobbes is still lame. Now I think it's something in his foot, he's licking it, but it's too late to get an appointment with my vet. Also Scott is running Penny at the Bluegrass so I have to bring her back down. She's in flaming heat.

Also . . . well, never mind. You're right, it's nothing compared to chemo. Best wishes Steve, I'll miss you at the Bluegrass.


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Steve you know that if your dogs needed walking we would do it.


Heya A,

Got yer Shodogs moms and dads taped last night...Missed watching it with you...Oh no wait, thats right...you were always asleep...Ok missed watching it with you today the day after...


Sure sux about Hobble...Is there anywhere you can take him on the way? I knew penny was coming in. Buff is not the studly type and he sure thought his sister was cute. Sure do miss you!!!! You need to come back soon to play with me. Alice is coming over to keep me company this weekend. (see Mark and Renee, gotta have someone to play with every weekend! Its the only way I can make myself clean the house.)


Waiting till Monday on Fence man, then camping in his damn yard...his daughter never called or showed last thursday to clean the house...been doing that all day instead of cutting grass like I need to be or god forbid, training dogs. Did manage to give a few lessons and food lady brought me barbaque and strawberry shortcake today...


Anyway, miss ya! Keep me posted on Hobbes and then the clinic...interested in Nap. (the dog, not the sleep..thought I must mention that!

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