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herding events in PA?

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Originally posted by sea4th:

[QB] I have a border collie friend in NW PA who placed a young dog with someone who is taking lessons somewhere around Pittsburgh. If I find out the info for you, that sounds somewhat better than NY.


where in Pittsburgh?????..I am only an hour from Pittsburgh and have been looking and found nothing!,,,

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Tildy, I sent you a private message some days ago when I found out that my Spamblocker was having problems (it's always nice to blame something other than myself).


Anyway, Hope and I and our dogs go down to Susan Rhoades near Berryville VA about once every three weeks. We drive together and split the gas (well, when she drives, I pay the gas because she has a little car - when I drive, I pay the gas or we split it).


We are going this Saturday if you want to come along and I could drive my van. We leave from Bruceton Mills at 7:30 am at the south side of exit 23 (there's a good parking area there) or from my house which is 3 miles away.


I don't know how far it is to you from here - I think I can drive to Uniontown in an hour or less. We could also meet along that way if that would be easier for you - like in Keyser's Ridge (just west of Grantsville MD on Route 40).


We would love to have you if you would like to come along. We each get a half hour lesson on each of our dogs (Hope has one and I have two), get fast food on the way down and back, and sometimes make a short stop at PetsMart on the way back.


Please let me know if you are interested! We also go down to Susan's for some of the events she holds at her farm - she does have AKC (ugh), AHBA, and USBCHA events there. Even if we don't participate, we have a great and doggie good time!

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awwwwwwwww I would love too...but weekends tied up for a lil while daughter in play rehearsals all day saturdays....thank you so much for askin..I would love too tho.....I posted duchess' pic in gallery..I would love to see your dogs work cattle..I am trying to set something up with Morgantown on information you gave me..ty so much

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I'll try to remember to keep you posted as we plan on lessons (almost always on Saturdays, I'm afraid, as Hope works during the week) and trials, etc., that we visit.


Maybe we can get together some weekday and have fun with dogs!

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Joe Anne,


here's another clinic for you.


Janet Harvey will be hosting a Patrick Shannahan clinic in Ellicott City

Maryland on Friday and Saturday April 25th & 26th. Pat will also be available

for private lessons on Monday April 28th. There are a few spaces still

available. If you're interested please contact Janet Harvey by phone at

410-997-4589 or by e-mail at jmharve@y... .

Source Sheepdog-L



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