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Warty bumps?


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Boy has two things on his head; one above his eyebrow and one further up his "forehead". They look like warts. They are small, hard bumps. They do not look or feel like pimples. There is no redness or signs of irritation.


I noticed them about two weeks ago and they haven't changed.


The first one I instantly thought must be a tick but obviously it wasn't, so I thought maybe it was a bug bite of some sort. Then the next day or so I found the other one.


I'm taking him to the vet once I can drive again and if they are still there then I'll have the vet take a look, but does anyone have any idea what these might be?


I googled warts for dogs and they seem to occur in or around the mouth. These are on his head.


Any insight would be appreciated!

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Shoshone has a tiny lump in her right ear, just at the top of one of the folds of cartilage. My vet said it's a wart, not to worry at all. Being who I am, of course I'm keeping an eye on it, but I don't worry about it.


If Shonie can have one in her ear, then I don't see why Boy can't have a couple elsewhere on his cute little head.


Ruth n the BC3

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They don't look like Ari's bumps at all. His are both the same size and about as big around as a pencil eraser, maybe slightly smaller. There is no color to them. They are the same color as his skin, but slightly rough/dry looking.


They are definately not skin tags, at least not like any I've ever seen. I don't know what they are. I've been googling but haven't found anything yet that seems to be it. They don't seem to bother him at all, even if I push on them or squeeze them, so I'm not really worried. I'm keeping an eye on them and will have the vet look at them next time I bring him in, if they are still there.


I will let him know that you said he has a cute little head. :rolleyes:

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Maggie had a little flesh colored bump on her muzzle a year or so ago - I think it was a pimple even though it wasn't red as I accidentally popped it and a pus like excretion came out. It hasn't come back since thankfully - very gross lol.

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