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I know that many of you have probably had a similar situation so I am asking for some advice. I put my little female Border Collie in Jaff's (my epi BC) crate last night while I took him out to the library for the READ program. I had put a very thin soft pet blanket in his crate on top of his bulky fuzzy crate pad so if he seizes I can take the blanket out and wash that instead of the HUGE crate liner. Well as she is occassionally inclined to do she gnawed on it and ingested about 1/4 of it. Again it is very thin and I think she probably ground it into little pieces as she ate it but who knows. She once ate a pair of those little cotton gloves you wear to bed at night with lotion. I didn't notice them missing til she pooped one out. Then she threw the other one up. They were completely intact.


My questions:


1) How long would it take (digestive system wise) for her to begin passing the pieces if they are not stuck.


2) Should I feed her to push the stuff through or fast her so nothing clogs up behind it?


3) Is there anything I can give her to help push it through?


Thanks a million, I look forward to your suggestions.

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I would call my vet on this one. There's probably things you can feed him that will move things along more easily. If he ate it all in one piece it may be a looooong time before you see it. And there IS danger of impaction if that's the case.


I had a dog that ate a bread bag, complete with (lead!) twist tie. He started getting lead poisoning from the twist tie and once we found it on an x-ray, we fed him white bread to move it out (and he was on a bunch of stuff to help support his liver, too).


A week later I was at the Bluegrass, walking him around. I stopped to talk to a friend and he (the dog) suddenly squatted and pooped. There was the twist tie! I picked it up (with a poop bag) and started yelling, "Do you see that? Isn't that GREAT?" Well, dog people are pretty tolerant about poop-related things but I guess that was pretty over the top. I had to explain quickly to avoid getting more of a reputation than I already have. :rolleyes:


I'd definitely call the vet and see what you can work out.

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My Celt built up a wad over fibers over several months, that remained in his stomach and caused occasional retching. When he finally barfed it up, the retching ended. Had it gone on down into his intestines, he could easily have had a life-threatening situation.


I second Rebecca's post and would seek the advice of your vet. This doesn't sound like a situation that would lend itself to home remedies (which it could be if it were only a small amount of material).


Best wishes!

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