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I have a strange problem with my 7 y/o spayed female BC, Sierra. For about the past 3 months or so, she pees in the bed (that she shares with me)about every couple of weeks or so...a total of 4 or 5 times now.


Though she'd had her annual checkup not too long ago, she went back in to the vet for a checkup. No UTI, blood work looked good...nothing to signal a medical cause.


She's 100% housebroken (except for these few instances) and is a therapy dog and works w/ me on a daily basis. No other behavior changes at all. No interruptions in our life or schedule changes.


It's only at night and not when we take naps on Sunday. :rolleyes: She hasn't had any accidents at any other times. I've even been making her just sleep on a bed on the floor and nothing happens. It's only up on "My" bed.


I know the simple answer is to crate her at night but that doesn't help with what's causing this...


My first thought was that she might be having a seizure at night and isn't aware of it but of course I'm not awake and she seems to be normal acting in the morning and not one bit concerned about the big wet spot :eek:



Any thoughts on this one? I'm getting a new mattress soon so I need to get it figured out.

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Sounds like an incontinence (sp?) problem. I would seek a vet. My Cody had that problem but she was just a few months old when it happened. She would wake up just soaked in urine and it freaked her and myself out. BTW she would also do it in her crate. My vet gave us some meds and the problem just worked itself out but you want to rule out the possibility of a more serious problem. Good luck.

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Might be just simple urinary incontinence. You can see if your vet will prescribe PPA, (brand name, Proin.) It's a relatively cheap med that has helped both my incontinent girls a lot.


The leakage can be very occasional at the beginning, but urinary incontinence does tend to get a bit worse with age. Talk to your vet, see what they say about Proin.


Ruth n the BC3

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There is a problem (estrogen responsive incontinence) that occurs in spayed bitches due to a lack of control of the urinary sphincter which is somehow estrogen responsive. It often manifests itself in "unguarded" moments as when the dogs are asleep.


It would be unusual for this to appear long after the dog is spayed. More commonly it shows up shortly after they are spayed, but it would be worth discussing with your vet. Estrogen pills, or phenylpropanolamine pills can control it.


Hope this helps



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I would suggest talking to your vet about PPA as well. I used to live with an older lab bitch that would wet the dog bed (luckily not my bed!) in the evening after an overly long swim. The combination of drinking a lot of water and being especially tired made her more susceptible in her "unguarded moments".


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