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THANK YOU from the Canine Behavioral Genetics Project


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Hello all,


I have just spent some time (OK, a lot of time) going through our database of submitted samples and logging in new submissions.


My undying thanks go out to all of you who have sent samples in. Our Border Collie sample is shaping up to be quite excellent, and because it is made up mostly of working dogs and/or dogs related to working dogs, it is rather unique.


There are a number of things we are going to do with this sample. The first is to include it in our survey of canine genetic diversity, examining the genetic variation found within and between breeds. The second is to use it to follow up specific inquiries into noise phobia and possibly the relationship (if there is one) between color and behavior (i.e., is the "red dog" stereotype really true and questions of that nature). And lastly of course it will also be included in our broader study looking at the genetic basis of anxiety related behaviors. Ultimately we may be able to use it to look at the genetics behind normal, breed-specific behaviors. Border Collies are especially interesting in this sense since, as we know, it is one of the few breeds out here left with breed-specific behavior.


If you haven't participated in the study and your interest is piqued, you can click on the link in my .sig for more info, or email me directly at any time at soloriver@earthlink.net or mchang@lppi.ucsf.edu.



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