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My gadget passed away recently at the young age of 5. He was a pure breed with a great lineage. He passed away due to a "hypocellular bone marrow". I've checked with his breeder, and others as well, and none were familiar with this being common among Border Collies.

Has anyone comne across this?

I am still devasted by my loss. :rolleyes:

My family is interested in getting another Border, but we just can't bring ourselves to do so yet. We know there will never be another Gadget.

Any info anyone could share would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't have any information on the condition you mentioned. I just wanted to say sorry about losing your boy at such a young age.


I know what you mean about there not being another Gadget. I put my old Mickey down in her old age and it was several years before I felt ready to get another dog. I didn't want any other breed but a Border Collie but knew I would be expecting another Mickey, so I waited until my heart had healed more.


Five years later and I now have two. Neither are anything like my old girl but they are both great in their own way and I love them.


I still talk about my old Mickey though.

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Hypocellular bone marrow is not usually a disease entity of itself, it is usually a secondary problem to another disease...in our area one of the tickborne diseases is the most common in conjunction with this diagnosis. (i.e. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Ehrlichia).

So sorry for your loss.

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