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Swelling on ankle joint


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Here's an odd one--and I'll preface it by saying that Turbo has been under the vet's care for a week now.


I came back from two weeks vacation last Thursday--my dogsitters gave both dogs a bath Thursday night, before I came home, and didn't notice anything. I had Friday off and spent it with the boys for the most part--didn't notice anything.


Saturday afternoon, I notice that Turbo has a pretty good sized swelling on the inside of his rear right ankle. The swelling is hard. He shows NO signs of pain, limping or anything else, either when running free or when the swelling is examined and his leg is manipulated. Take him to the vet Monday afternoon. Multiple X-rays show bone/joint is fine--no signs of tumor/cancer (thank God!). Vet manipulates leg, palpitates swelling. No reaction from dog. Vet puts a bandage on him and gives him an anti-inflammatory shot.


Go back on Thursday, same thing--swelling may have gone down a little, but it is still there--still no signs of lameness or pain. Turbo gets a new bandage, another shot of anti-inflammatory, and another appointment (for this coming Monday).


Has anyone had a similar problem with their dog? My vet is really puzzled.



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