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Will not drink any water


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I have a 11 year old border collie and lately she has stopped drinking water. Her bowl is the same and it is in the same location. She flips the bowl on the floor and drinks it from there. I did try and change the bowl and put it in a new location and the same thing keeps happening. So, I have no idea what to do?


Any suggestions?

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Well, it sounds like she is drinking, just in a rather strange way. maybe just put the bowl somewhere where it doesn't matter what silly stuff she does.


Fergie, at almost 10, constantly makes rules.


I have to give her a tummy rub before she'll come downstairs in the morning. No, a tummy rub and ear scratching. No, I have to have the leash in my hand after the tummy rub and the ear scratching.


She'll hunt and eat persimmons. If they are really ripe. And in the field. Or if they are from elsewhere and I toss them. Or if I toss them and they are really ripe and they come from Berry's yard.


I think we aren't giving her enough mental stimulation lately. So she's giving it to us.

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I stopped the snorkeling behavior by getting one of those bowls that can be mounted on a crate wall and sit inside a ring.


Other thing to do is to clean the bowl really, really well. Put it on sanitize in the dish washer if you can. Something, mildew or mold will grow and you won't notice it, but your dog will.


Also, have you recently changed your pipes, water filters or anything to do with your water?



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