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Kessie gets hiccups as well. I don't worry about it either. Like Kitch said, as soon as something exciting is going on, they go away.

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Boyden gets the hiccups alot and he's no puppy.


There is actually an area in the brainstem that controls hiccups. Babies get hiccups alot because their brains are not fully formed. I get the hiccups alot because of the location of my tumor. Just some interesting info.


Everyone, including dogs and other animals, will get the hiccups on occasion though, so it's no worry unless they are very frequent (several times a week or even several times a day) and are accompanied with other neurological deficits.


I wouldn't worry at all.


Oh yeah, acid reflux... Also controlled to an extent by the vagus/glossopharyngeal nerve which is located in the brainstem. Incomplete growth of the brain is why babies have alot of reflux in addition to hiccups. A problem with that area of the brain can produce frequent hiccups and chronic reflux but again, these things are almost always due to some other cause and not CNS involvement.

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