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Due to a flea allergy, and suffering a bad batch of Frontline, my BC developed the waxy sebacious (sorry for the lack of the technical term for it right now) skin disease.


I have replaced my defective Frontline so all is well there, however, he has chewed so much of his fur off on his lower back before his tail that it just doesn't seem to want to grow back right.


Has anyone tried, or recommend, shaving the coat to let it grow back out in better condition?


Thanks for the advice,


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Don't do it - it won't grow back the same. It will look sort of chow-ish - a little more bushy and coarse than before, and not as weather proof.


My Ben gets terrible hot spots when he gets into the trash and eats anything with grain (uuurrrgggh). I like ISP to soothe the skin, remove any scaling, and stimulate regrowth of hair. It's inexpensive, too. You can get it online from Jeffers.com. It looks thin for a while but it does grow back eventually.


Another product I've discovered recently is neem oil. It both soothes and repels bugs, and I think it smells nice and leaves the coat really nice. (some people don't like the smell, however). I use it as a dip - just put a bit in a gallon of warm water, pour it over, and massage through for a few minutes as it soaks through. I use it on the dog porch, too now, and it keeps those darn flies from bugging the dogs when they are in their crates.

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