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Hi there everyone


I'm Jeremy, I'm new to the boards, nice to be here .


At the moment I have a concern, my 7mnth old pup seems to shiver frequently, I first noticed it when he was sitting on my bed, he would shiver for about 3 seconds then stop for 5 seconds and do it repeatedly.

I've only seen him do this a couple of times but it concerns me, he also shivers constantly on some occasions.. can anyone give me an idea on whats going on here or whether I should take him to the vet?



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Hi Jeremy - nice to see another Southern hemisphere board member. (I'm just right now listening to an article on the radio news about the All Blacks new Haka!)


I tend to be one of those people who checks with the vet earlier rather than later. (My vet practice loves me!) Is there any pattern in relation to time after exercise/meal times - outside/inside temperature - after all this is your little guy's first winter, right? Is he eating/pooping/peeing normally? Is his general behavior/activity level normal?


It'll probably help your vet if you can think of as much information like this as possible.


Let's know what happens?

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When my Celt was younger, he would "shiver" with anticipation particularly when waiting his turn to work stock.


I would, as Barb suggested, check with the vet to make sure things are okay. If you notice this shivering at times when your pup is eager to get going with something he really likes, it may just be a sign of his intense eagerness.

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