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Autumn itch is back HELP


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Hi Every one


sam is back in ultimate itch mode, poor little devil. I have been giving her 2 tabs of 25mg benadryl 3 times a day for over a week now, and previously it was 2 tabs twice a day(for two weeks until we upped the dose).


She is still itching and is starting to go bare in spots as usual... I read that I could go 3 tabsX 3 times per day, but it just seems like such a huge dosage, I would be flat on my a$$ if I took that (I'm rather a light weight when it comes to medication).


What is every one else doing?

Sam is about 50lbs and hasn't yet hit her true manic mode of itching yet (where she turns ocd-ish and begins mutilating herself 24/7) so we are currently seeing some kind of relief for her, I was just wondering if it were possible to completely alleviate her symptoms?

thanks for the help


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Hi, Kaos,


My Shoshone gets 2 doses of 2 50 mg benedryl, (the generic equivalent actually) every day, with a 3rd dose thrown in as needed. She also gets 2.5 mg prednisolone 2x/day, every other day as needed. Her seasonal allergies are unfathomable to me. This last spring she had a 2 month run of no itches and no pred. Then this summer the itch started up again, so we added back in the pred.


Now, here we are, heading into fall, and her itching is going down. Yesterday I accidentally gave her some cottage cheese, (intended for Buzz, but I wasn't paying attention and put her plate down for Buzz and Buzz's plate down for her) and dairy usually makes her itch like crazy within 24 hrs. Nothing.


We've done a lot to try and figure her allergies out and predict, etc, and all that works is to treat as the symptoms appear, ease off slowly as they go away, and treat again as necessary.


If your vet will prescribe prednisone as needed, that might be a way to go. Sometimes we'll go thru 15 5 mg tabs in a month, sometimes it lasts us 2 months or more.


Shonie also gets bathed 1x/week with TrailEeze horse washing paste, very mild, and then Maleseb for yeast/fungal infection. That really helps.


I hope this was helpful, it's so confusing and distressing to see our beloved dogs so uncomfortable.


Ruth n the BC3

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