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What to look for health wise when choosing a pup


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I am going to look at a BC pup in a few days, and would like to know what i should look for before i buy her. I have already been told she is a purebred, even though i doubt it is from a registered breeder.


The thing that i also feel may be a bit pecular is that she is mainly black, with white on her chin and belly. Does it matter if the markings are a bit unusual for a pure bred? i was just under the impression that the white markings would be on the shoulders and face.


I was told she is 8 weeks old, and will have long hair. She has been Vaccinated and wormed, and i will be getting her de-sexed when she is old enough. I know she will be stimulated mentally as well as physically, as i already have a Jack Russel Terrier, Labrador and 2 cats. the dogs get a good walk each day as well as having a large backyard full of toys.


In relation to feeding, what would be the best to buy?


Thank you all for reading my post, i look foward to the replies.




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Healthwise you will want to know the health of the pup's parents. A responsible breeder will not breed a dog or bitch that has health problems and will not breed from a line that is known to carry health problems.


How much do you know about the pup's parents?


I have very limited experience in this area, so will leave it to others to give specific advice. I can tell you that I picked a pup out from a litter years ago and had to put that pup down at 10 months old because the pup was poorly bred and had multiple health issues. So be SURE you're picking from a well bred litter of pups or it will eventually break your heart.


True Border Collies have a wide variety of colors and color patterns. These are ALL Border Collies:




You can see many more examples of the wide variety of color, coat, ear set and other physical characteristics that the BC has by going to the Border Collie Museum.

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The Breed Border Collie is not maintained by "papers" denoting that the dog is "purebred"


A purebred Border Collie has a solid WORKING lineage. Especially the parents.


That would be my first question-- and to support the BREED I would pass on the pup if its WORKING background cannot be substantiated- no matter what else they have to offer.


After that - I would make sure the pup is healthy looking and acting, at least 8 wks old with shots.

The breeder should have either tested(hips/eyes) of parents or have long established lines that have shown their weaknesses and detrimental genes have been dealt with accordingly. No line is perfect- if they say so they haven't bred the line enough to show up issues or they are lying.


The pup should be social- and you should like it.


Ask what kind of guarantee they offer- just so you know.


The rest is a crap shoot- take your best shot and hope for the best.

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