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Meg is six months old today

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I made a decision this weekend in celebration of Meg's six month birthday:


If Meg never develops the consistency of outcome needed to excel in a 'job'... that's just fine. I think she'll enjoy life with us in any case, and we will love her just the way she is.


I know that however much DH and I try, we won't be perfect BC handlers. I also know that however much Meg tries, she will never be perfectly consistent.


I understand Meg. I know what motivates her, what she's up to, and usually how she'll react to most events and with the sequence of acts she will take. Of course she grows and learns and I'm expecting big leaps here and there and some novel situations...but I understand Meg.


Perhaps Meg seems so much like me because I am creating her in my image. Or, possibly, having had BC's since I was a child, they created me in their image. If I ventured to anthropomorphize I'd say its the gifted child bit in spades. We could share a resume: willful, self directed but privately a little lonely and sometimes over cautious, often lacking a clear appreciation for authority, a bit bi-polar, and a bit attention deficit disordered.


There isn't a treat or a toy or a person or a dog in the world that can replace playful engagement with Dad, Mom, Sox and the great world. Play is everything, all important, the alpha and the omega. Period. Well sleeping and cuddling are nice sometimes too.


Click all you want, dish up lamb souffle, even dangling the delightful ring rope. Meg isn't a Skinnerian dog. Just when you think you've figured her out, she'll do something decidedly different and laugh her beautiful bat ears flat.



Long live the Megster and Happy Birthday.

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