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Miztiki-Need sample prey model menu

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The following isn't necessarily accurate, but would be along the lines of what I feed. I just keep a bunch of stuff in my freezer and pull out whatever and throw it to them. I don't plan ahead or anything. Most of the time their food is frozen or partially thawed. Say this is for Boy:



Monday - a whole chicken w/organs, sometimes hanging from a tree! (gorge meal, which he won't eat all of, so I save what's left for another day. Pretend he eats 3 of the 4.5 pounds)


Tuesday - an egg, shell and all (fast day) He plays with it for a couple minutes before eating it.


Wednesday - frozen kong packed with canned fish along with a chicken back (light meal) I hide them.


Thursday - the rest of Monday's chicken, hidden (1.5 pounds)


Friday - frozen kong packed with canned fish and a chicken back or turkey neck, hidden (light meal)


Saturday - pork shoulder (bone in) (gorge meal)


Sunday - bit of liver, hidden (fast day)


Monday - hunk of beef (usually cut up and used as training treats) and some kidney, hidden


Tuesday - poultry gizzards & hearts (doled out as rewards) and some bone, hidden (chicken back or turkey neck)


Wednesday - the rest of Saturday's pork shoulder


So on and so forth.


Now that I have Fynne I combine the two's meals so that the one is eating the other's leftover gorge meals.


Hope that helps! I was giving beef ribs but I don't want him to break a tooth. I give him turkey too and hope to add rabbit and lamb/mutton to his diet. We need a freezer first though.

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i'm going to play too!

this is (probably) what tikki will have for the next week.

tonight; 1/2 a chicken and some omega 3 oil.

thurs; a lump of lamb shoulder, probably about 1 1/2 lbs.

fri; 1/2 an ox heart.

sat; half a duck.

sun; some offal (liver, tripe, lungs if there is any left in the freezer) and an egg or two.

mon; beef trim and a lambs neck boney thing.

tues; fast day.

weds; a turkey drumstick.

i tend to fill my freezers with a good variety of stuff for tikki and the cats, then work my way through it till its nearly empty, then restock.

this way i know i am feeding a good variety over time.



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Oh yeah, I give them a fish oil cap every day too. They also get a couple liver treats a day, and they share a banana with me every few days or so.


Donna, I'll trade you some beef for some sheep! From what I'm reading, rabbits don't do well in our heat. I'm hoping to talk personally with someone who raises rabbits around here to see what they have to say.

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miz its a shame you dont live near me! at the moment i have a whole soay sheep and half a 50kg ram in my freezer. we still have 4 poll dorsets that need to be culled, (these are some of the rescues that shouldnt be bred again, and they are not going to market to end up as 'cheap' breeding ewes, thats what happened to them last time.) whilst we have plenty of grass, they have a lot of foot problems, and we cant cull them till our freezers are empty! i'm going to have to get another freezer!

i hate talking about these ewes as dog food, but if they are going to end up slaughtered i will at least do them the favour of taking them myself :rolleyes:

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Hi Donna,


It must be difficult. I feel for you and it's good for me to hear these things because it's the reality of raising stock and I have to mentally prepare myself for it.


Miz, you can come over whenever you want as long as you bring Boyden with you! :rolleyes:



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