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"bad hips"


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We picked up our Chumbly from a rescue. They found her roaming the street so there is no history. The only thing we know for sure was that she was abused in some way.


Anyway, she really sits wierd - kind of side saddle if you know what I mean. She always has at least one leg sticking out.


It doesn't seem to bother her while running or sitting. It just looks wierd. Do any of you think this is something to worry about down the line?


Once we got her trust, she's the best dog I've ever had and, I've had many. We've never felt so much devotion. We might be going a little overboard with all the loving due to the abuse but she is sooooo worth it.


Anyway, any thoughts?


Thank you everyone who talk on these boards. I've learned sooo much being a first time BC owner.

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Thanks for rescuing her.


I had a dog who sat this way when she tore a groin muscle. So while it's not necessarily bad hips, it IS something your vet should check out. Did the rescue org. have her checked out medically? What did their vet say??

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We got a clean bill of health but I wasn't sure if they look into the hip thing. She runs like crazy, goes up and down stairs in a heartbeat so whatever it is, it doesn't seem to slow her down. Also, she never crys when doing those exercises.

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