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coat color and length


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Percentage of puppies in a litter that will be black or red can be estimated using the graph with the B (for Black dominant) & r (for red recessive) formula, but how about for coat length? Is smooth coat a recessive?

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I thought smooth was dominant to rough? Like, if you breed a border collie to a Lab or a Jack you almost always get smooth coat puppies. I also through I read somewhere that smooth and rough puppy litters are generally split down the middle. Maybe I need to go look that up.


Edited to add: I found this information


Coat length is controlled by more than one set of genes. Smooth coat is dominant over rough coat. A smooth coated dog can be BB or Bb. A rough coated dog can only be bb. So, rough + rough = rough always; smooth + smooth = smooth usually; rough + smooth = rough or smooth depending on the smooth dog's genes.


on this website.


So I am curious - this means that a border collie X kelpie will always be smooth coated, since kelpies do not theoretically carry a gene for rough coats, right?



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