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CEA update ? for Rebecca


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Hi Becca ? a while ago we were talking about the problems a CEA affected dog might have seeing, and I was going to ask Kirra?s ophthalmologist particularly about possible problems looking into the sun while working, or doing agility, flyball etc.


Well, we had our annual check up today (she?s 3 and a quarter now.) He says the Choroidal hypoplasia is just barely detectable now (it?s gotten less so in the last couple of years.) I asked him about possible problems she might have with e.g seeing sheep at a distance, and working into the sun. He said he was pretty sure that she would have no more problem with those things than any normal dog (her distance vision would be much better than mine ? well, that wouldn?t be hard!) In his opinion, the CEA dogs who have vision problems tend to be those with colobomas as well as choroidal hypoplasia. Kirra was lucky and has no coloboma.


Oh, and the other good news ? for my wallet ? is that he doesn?t need to see her again unless I think there is a problem.

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