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Ivomec Sheep Drench

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I use Ivomec injectible on my vet's recommendation. The dosing is tricky and it's not kosher to use it off label like that without the guidance of a vet. I weigh all the dogs every three months and I DO NOT use it on the puppies because it's way too easy to OD.


If you do that you also have to remember to worm every few months or more often if you take in rescues or go to dog parks.


I also plan to have my pup DNA tested for ivermectin sensitivity before starting her on this program. I actually haven't heard of any ivomec sensitive border collies but I have heard of sensitivities to milbycin (sp?), the stuff in Inteceptor. We have two here, in fact - used to have three. This is the reason we now do the Ivomec.

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